Precision Pro Golf NX9


The Precision Pro Golf NX9 golf rangefinder is the new model bringing new features to the previous and acclaimed Precision Pro golf NX7. Precision Pro golf rangefinder are competing in performance and price against Bushnell, and although Bushnell, as a brand, has a lot of recognition and good references, the new challenger is delivering very good products and excellent customer service.

If you are not ready to spend $400+ in a golf rangefinder and want to have top features and quality this device could be perfect for you.

Main Features

When you open the box of your new Precision Pro Golf NX9, the first impression is:

  • small, maybe too small
  • feels durable, so will take some hits and will continue working
  • the store cage is pretty good
Precision Pro Golf NX9
So as a first impression, the quality of the item is quite good. You can start using it at home in no time since it is almost plug and play. It has only two buttons to interact with. One to select the mode and the other to measure the distance.

One issue reported by the users is that these two buttons are very close, so sometimes you accidentally can change the mode or the metrics when trying to calculate the yardage.

Adaptative Slope

There are two versions, with different prices (around $50 difference), one with slope adjustment and one without. The NX9 Slope version is tournament legal as you can easily turn the slope measurement on or off by a simple press of a button.

Precision Pro NX9 non-slope
Non-slope Precision Pro Golf NX9

With the slope model, and activated, you can get the adjusted distance to the target. For example, if there is a 6% of elevation with the target an straight distance of 150 yards could be converted into an adjusted distance of 160 yards, meaning 1 club difference. This is especiall important when you need accuracy if you are trying to improve your approach and green in regulation stats.

Pulse Vibration and Target Acquisition

It has pulse vibration technology to help you to lock the pin on the desired target. It takes some more time to lock the target versus the Bushnell models, but it is accurate and will help you to get immediate feedback with the distance in the display.

One important comment by most of the users is the problems locking the target over the flags. Quite often, the device locks the distance over other objects like trees behind the green and the flag, giving you a bigger distance. As a result of this, you need to click and measure several times until the flag is locked.

Optics Precision Pro Golf NX9

The optics are very clear and it has a 6x magnification. At a larger distance, it could be difficult to hit the flag and hold it steady. So, if you have shaky hands, it may be hard for you.

Some reviewers mention that the optics may be a little fuzzy around the edges, while very clear in the center.

Magnet Grip

The magnet grip technology will help you to attach the device to any metallic surface like the head of your irons. The area of the magnet is not too big, as this device, so the magnet is not as strong as other models (Bushnell). In any case, it will need a good push to detach it from the metal surface

This device is water resistant in case you want to play in the rain.

Life Time Free Battery Replacement Services

Lifetime Free Battery Replacement Services is a unique service that will guarantee a replacement of batteries after registering your products. This is as part of the Precision Care Package:

In Precision Pro words:

Our Precision Care Package is something you won’t find from our competitors. It’s our commitment to you that our company is different. It’s proof we care as much about you after the purchase as before it, because you become a part of our golf family when you buy from Precision Pro Golf.

Accuracy: 4.3 out of 5.0 stars

Easy to use: 4.4 out of 5.0 stars

Magnification: 6x

Battery: 1 CR2 batteries

Value for money: 4.6 out of 5.0 stars

  • Lifetime free battery replacement
  • Lightweight, small, compact design
  • Magnetic mount
  • Based on reviews, battery drains very fast
  • Often missing the flag and locking the distance to a tree behind

Best Alternatives

The Precision Pro Golf NX9 is a very complete device, easy to use, with top-shelf features and a competitive price. Still you can find in the market several other options:

Bushnell Pro XE

One of the best golf rangefinder in the market. In general, it has the same features, although it also uses the temperature and pressure to adjust the slope. It also has a 7x magnification optic.

Bushnell Golf Tour V5 Portrait

Same brand and same quality, you will only miss the slope adjustment in this model. The magnification is 6x instead of 7x but a very clear image as well. Price is considerably lower.

Non-slope Precision Pro Golf NX9 Golf Laser Rangefinder

Same features but without the slope adjustment feature.

Nikon Coolshot 20i GII Golf Laser Slope Rangefinder

Very good option keeping quality at a very good price. It has slope adjustment and 8 seconds scan feature. No pinseeker feature in this model.

Key Differentiators


Precision Pro Golf NX9
YesYesYes6xCheck Price

Bushnell Pro XE
YesWith ElementsYes7xCheck Price

Bushnell Golf Tour V5
YesNoYes6xCheck Price

Non-slope Precision Pro Golf NX9
YesNoYes6xCheck Price

Nikon Coolshot 20i GII
NoYesNo6xCheck Price

Final Thoughts

Precision Pro is investing a lot in new products trying to beat Bushnell with quality and customer satisfaction. We can say that this product will bring you an excellent trade-off between quality, features and price.

Therefore, if this is your first golf rangefinder, or you want to replace your old one with one with the newest features without investing so much money, this model could be the right for you and you will enjoy your game next time with the trust of getting accurate distance to your targets.

You can check also other models in our guide The best golf rangefinders of 2021.

Technical Specifications

FeaturesNX9 SLOPENX9
Adaptive Slope FeatureYN
Magnetic Cart MountYY
Pulse Vibration TechnologyYY
Free Batteries For LifeYY
Precision Care PackageYY
Shock-Proof DesignYY
Water Resistant DesignYY
Target Acquisition FeatureYY
Accurate to One YardYY
400 Yard RangeYY
6x MagnificationYY
Tournament LegalYY

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