TecTecTec Laser Golf Rangefinder VPRO500S Slope


Are you looking for the best, affordable, and convenient rangefinders in the market? Put your search to stop today since this is the review that will save you all the hassle and offer you the best product in the current market. Here, you will improve and enhance your golf game skills effectively without having to spend a fortune. Also, find the best golf rangefinders for the money.

Most people with no experience in golf think it is easy. However, this is far from the truth. Golf requires lots and lots of mind games and math that you need to calculate in split seconds to get them right. You have to know how you can find the pin easily, either up or down slopes. For starters, it is an impossible task, but it gets better with practice.


Therefore, to better your golf skills, you have to put a lot into your practice and ensure you are ready to tackle all the uncertainties related to this game. Thankfully to Tectectec, they provide some of the industry’s best products to make the game more exciting and seamless to learn. The Laser Golf Rangefinder will save you a lot in learning and playing. You play like a pro and get almost all your wins without having to strain so much. Also, it would be best to use it before you are worked out, it requires steady hands to handle. When you are shaky and tired, you won’t be able to get correct results.

Read on to find how this fantastic product will help you to improve your game effectively. Also, find out the Rangefinder’s stunning features such as sharp optics, slope compensating unit, and pin seeking mode that will help you get your ball rolling without paying an arm or leg. Accuracy, short distance and target acquisition judgment, and target location sensitivity are just the top three features that make Tectectec’s Rangefinder unbeatable. Some experienced players have different opinions regarding this product but it will depend on the type of experience you are looking for in golf.

  • Works fast and instant, you will get the return yardage instantly.
  • It works only by simply pressing the power button and using a few direct commands.
  • With a magnification of 6x, it is apparent.
  • It has a fabulous casing.
  • It is lightweight and small. You can walk with it anywhere inside your pocket.
  • It has a perfect range of up to 540 yards.
  • It has a ProScan to enable you to find and remove hazards and traps.
  • It is very affordable.
  • It is black and may get lost when you have a black golf cart.
  • You must have a steady hand to operate.
  • People with different experiences have varying object analysis.
  • It may not be very durable compared to other competitors.

Main Features on the Tectectec Laser Golf Rangefinder VPRO500S

Hitting swings to get a pin can be very hectic for beginners and even elite players. It is even more overwhelming when you must navigate curves and slopes to get to the pin. It would be best if you also took a lot of time and effort to get to the pin with a few strokes. With these fantastic features of Tectectec VPRO500S, you can do all this seamlessly.

Rangefinders are used mainly to help in honing the skills of golfers. You will refine your aim and techniques virtually with the use of the golf rangefinders. Its quality of power accuracy makes many golfers love this excellent rangefinder. It is also straightforward to use, and you can always get the exact distance when you put it to use.


With its lightweight and portability, it is easy to move with it from one place to another. Who wants to carry something along with the vast golf courses during a tiresome day of gaming? Its portability is also impressive since you can carry it with you to wherever you are moving to.

The slope technology of the Tectectec VPRO500S helps in quick calculations of accurate distances to enable you to achieve the correct length and make the right judgments. The device has become very popular among golfers, and to compete effectively with them, you might also need to acquire yours without a doubt.

These are the top features that the Tectectec laser golf has to ensure your golfing experience is super. The features make it an efficient rangefinder to use and help you get to the pin anytime you go gaming.

Accuracy and Power of the Device

The Tectectec laser golf rangefinder is very popular for its accurate measurements. Any rangefinder should give you the most precise measurement to ensure you get the right result and make a better choice. Looking through the lenses, you can quickly tell the pin’s range and make the most appropriate hit. The gadget gives accuracy up to 540 yards in total. It is the best device to use for the most extended distances.


The device also works best when you need to record distances when you have some obstacles or distractions in the pin’s path. Most pro golfers would find this tedious and sometimes find it hard to maneuver through distraction to reach the pin. The device is developed with high tech technology to give a crisp and precise vision that will enable you to judge the distances correctly to make your hit.

Using the high accuracy of measuring distances gives you high chances of getting to your pin quickly. With successive training, you will be able to make your hits without any compromise. The device also helps you learn all the simple tricks you need to perfect your hits to reach the pin.


The slope technology in the Tectectec is fantastic and perfect for the most memorable golfing experience. You have no downtime or be put off with the dips and curves. The device has the PinSensor technology that enables you to have the correct calculation to the pin. Playing on rough terrain can be very overwhelming difficult, and you need to get the right measures to get your ball rolling to the hole. You may not need to practice hard when you have this fantastic device. Little successive games give you the best glimpse, and through effective practice, you can start playing efficiently.
The device is very beneficial to both starters and elite golfers. Starters will efficiently learn about the golf distances and use them virtually, even without the device. For the elite players, the device is a tremendous asset to help you play on a new course.


The rangefinder uses the scan mode known as the ProScan to search and check for any particular hazards and any pitfall that might disable your hit. There are a lot of distractions on the ground that will negatively impact your score. Using it is also comfortable with evaluating the golf course. You can seamlessly get the correct evaluations.

Very User Friendly

Some golfers feel overwhelmed when the rangefinders they use are very sophisticated. It would help to get the best golf accessory that is easy to use. The user-friendly platform should also be seamless and give you instant results without waiting, which can make you anxious.

The device has a lock-on technology that enables you to get the most reliable service. Other devices may only find your way to the pin but will not allow you to have a lock-on or alert you when there is an object on your way. It is best then to use the Tectectec laser to get convenient service. Get your best taste to enjoy the game you love.

Long Measurement

You do not need to make any guesses with this rangefinder. The Tectectec product comes with a rainproof body and gives you a whopping record or 540 yards calculated within a +/- 1 yard. It will enable you to get the exact distance to any golf flag or pin you are shooting. You can also find stretches from your position to any obstacle such as trees or ground hazards. You only need to check the rangefinder once since it gives instant and correct calculations. The optical lens is also evident and multilayered with stunning lenses.

You will also achieve using the 6x magnification power to see the distances conveniently as possible. The measurements are very flexible and accurate, with no downtime. You will also enjoy using the diopter adjustment to allow you to get the most precise vision to enable any nearsighted or farsighted to see the measurements correctly. You will improve your golf game effectively within no time.

Target Scan

The device has three distinct scanning modes. You are confident to use it at any time since it will always give you the correct scores at any site. The pin seeker mode helps you measure all distances accurately with the overlaps that are occurring. Furthermore, you can get the right measurement from any golf course wood areas to the pin. It enables you to have the right confidence with the distance you find when setting the best score.

The first target priority enables you to get the distance to the closest subject, such as the distance from a golf flag to the trees or green with trees’ background. The scan mode will help you to check for any hazards that will affect your score. After you make the right choice with the correct distance, you find out, avoid the risks effectively.

Portable and Fully Equipped

The device is lightweight, measuring only 6.91 oz. It is also minimal in size, with dimensions of 4.13 x 1.61 x 2.76. You can carry it anytime you are going to the game with no worry at all. The body is rainproof to help you use the device for every swing you make. Please don’t leave your device at home; carry it with you at all times.


The rangefinder also enables you to enjoy a fully equipped body with every instrument you need. It has a premium case with an entirely free CR2 power battery, cleaning cloth, a quick guide, and a wrist strap. The case is also shock-resistant to ensure your rangefinder is safe even in bad weather. It also has a flashy yellow design, and you can spot it easily anytime you need it.

Competitor Products

Settling on rangefinders requires you to check on certain qualities to ensure you get the best product to use. Some of the standard features to look for when you are looking for a rangefinder include:

  • Its accuracy
  • Ease of access
  • Distance range
  • Price of the rangefinder
  • The battery life of the device
  • Waterproof
  • The display technology
  • Measurement capabilities of a slope
  • The looks and storage

Some of the top competitor’s products include the following, as explained in the following paragraphs.

Precision Pro NX9 Laser Rangefinder

It measures within a yard when you need to fit your game effectively. You can also target distances of up to 1/10th of a yard. Using it is also seamless, and you only need to press the button on your device with crosshairs.

The device is very affordable and uses pulse technology to get short vibrations to hit the target to get it locked in. You will also get the distance accurately and fast with this device. Relish an incredible water resistance feature to help you play at all times with no compromise. You are also sure to use it still even when it falls from your carriage since it is durable and doesn’t break easily.

The casing is hard for the best and convenient service.

Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder

It also has immaculate features for any slope. Using it is super easy, and you can relish the black design for the most affordable prices. It comes with all the features you need to have accurate measurements to correctly judge your distances.

Continued use of this device ensures you have enough skills and techniques to maneuver any hazard and effectively get your scores. The battery included is a regular pair of AAA batteries, so easy and cheap to swap.


YesYesNo6xCheck Price

Precision Pro Golf NX9
YesYesYes6xCheck Price

Gogogo Sport Vpro
NoYesNo6xCheck Price

Final Thoughts

Do not be worried anymore when you need to avoid hazards and distractions to reach your target. Get the best assistance from the Tectectec VPRO500S Golf Rangefinder to make your gaming experience superb. It is not a device for novices, but it will also help the pros get the most convenient gaming data.

Getting better in golf requires you to put in the work, and the product will ensure you have the correct way to figure out your steps in the game. It is also advantageous since it is affordable for most golfers. It is also worth every dime since the device never disappoints.

However, remember to keep the device close since it is black and may get lost easily in your cart or when it falls to the ground on a dark evening. Don’t forget to play anytime with the waterproof case, ensuring durability and perfect service any time you need it. The device is readily available on Amazon and other top retailers. Relish having the correct measurements and course readings in the coming years with the Tectectec Laser Golf Rangefinders VPRO500S. Choose any of the above best golf rangefinders for the money.


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